Founded Edo Bunka Bunsei Brand design of long-established miso storehouse
I was in charge of design redesign such as "Snow Flower" package at Sugita Miso Brewery located in Takada-joshita, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, with DESIGN DESIGN.

- Snow flower dance, miso soup
In Echigo Takada, speaking of miso, rice bran floats softly when it is made into miso soup. There are various theories as to why extravagant floating miso was created, but the biggest background is the miso rice miso that rice is used for luxury without using wheat to make a "pot" that can not be relied upon for making delicious miso It will be a spirit of It may be the appearance that the character of "糀" is usually used in this place from "麹". The miso from our storehouse is also a floating miso that forms the flow of Echigo Takada tradition. The name "Snow Flower" is derived from the name of a Tokyo customer who admired that a bowl that dances to a mochi when it is made into miso soup is as beautiful as white snow. The white rice bran is reminiscent of the falling snow as the petals dance. It is a traditional craftsmanship to make "Snow Flower" bloom in the pot.

- "Taste of home" not to get tired of eating
Originally, we believe that miso should be a part-time role in cooking. That is, miso itself has its own deep taste and flavor, but it does not squash and take advantage of the flavor of the ingredients of the dish. And it is because I think that it is Miso's original role to bring out the unity as one more. I want you to taste the real taste that you do not get tired of eating just because you use miso every day.
(Excerpt from Sugita Miso Brewery hp)

創業江戸文化文政 老舗味噌蔵元のブランドデザイン
新潟県上越市の高田城下にある杉田味噌醸造場様の「雪の花」のパッケージなどのデザイン刷新をDESIGN DESIGNで担当させていただきました。

- 雪の花舞う、お味噌汁

- 食べ飽きしない「家庭の味」