A global art event, "The Art Festival of the Earth" in Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture, the start of a new series of sake, the main brand of sake, Tenjin Shashinagi, made by Uchimizu Brewery of Echigo-Tsumari, a bottle I redesigned the design. Tenjin Music accompaniment is a celebration sung in Uonuma district that is sung in a congratulatory seat from ancient times, originally it is said to be a Shinto song of fertility prayers. Surrounded by mountains, clear streams and rice paddies, in the winter there is a heavy snowfall that amounts to more than 2 m of snowfall, pure and strictly nature of Echigo-Tsumari. It is sweet and delicious liquor which is brought about by nature's blessing and skills of skilled artisans. It is Tenjin music accompanied by little importance outside of the prefecture because it is a brand that is strongly rooted in quality because of quality emphasis, because it is a brand that is strongly rooted in the region, but as a culmination of many years of training by Kuramoto, you can see the skill of making Tenjin Hayashi We reconstructed three kinds of pure rice liquor series as original design bottle of "Earth earth art festival". In design design, I started from concept development, I was in charge of creative in general such as symbol mark development, bottle package design, pamphlet production etc. Since ancient times people in Tsumari region (Niigata prefecture Tokamachi-shi) of Uonuma worshiped and respected the blessed and rich nature as a god. Therefore, I thought that people who enjoy sake would feel that nature even a little, I designed a natural landscape like Tokamachi as a label. The pure rice large ginjyo sake is "beautiful forest", the net rice ginjiru "rice terrace", the special net rice wine "rice plantation". I tried packaging design that also harmonized with the modern table scene. At home, at a party scene, I am happy if you drink while feeling Tokamachi air. In addition, we have developed a new symbol mark of Tenjin Music. Since the accompaniment is also used for celebration songs, "fan" is a motif, it represents the character of "heaven". The painful part expresses a person singing and singing in a drunk mood.