AWARDS : Graphic Design in Japan "This One!" Election, NIIGATA ADC Second Prize Winner
”Gihei" is a brand of kitchen knives from Gihei Blades, a kitchen knife smith in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. Gihei’s knives are traditional cutlery made with the techniques cultivated for five generations and the forging techniques inherited from Sanjo City, the town of metal products. The steel forged by hand, one by one, has a dense and homogeneous structure, and becomes an excellent blade. Gihei's knives, always made with the best materials and techniques, are loved all over the world for a long time. In the area of design, I am in charge of naming development, symbol marks, logotypes, packaging, catalogs, pamphlets, leaflets, POP, and other creative work. The symbol mark is based on the motif of “ぎ" and “三", and together with the logotype, the design expresses the sharpness of the cleaver. For the graphic tools such as the package design, we used the brand color white, which represents a sense of cleanliness.

受賞歴 : Graphic Design in Japan "This One!"選出, NIIGATA ADC準グランプリ受賞