AWARDS : Japan Package Design Association Jury Special Award, NIIGATA ADC Grand Prize, Graphic Design in Japan Election
Niigata City is a food culture creation city where production areas, processed areas, consumed areas are close together close to. Such farmers, sake breweries and restaurants in Niigata City thought about hands "Musubi", from making rice, making sake and offering, we also made "Musubu" sake for everyone. This liquor is "drinking, rice ball" that you can taste the rich climate and charm of Niigata City. Two sake breweries in Niigata city, Shuji Shuzo brewing, Echigo Shimamon did sake brewing, the rice ball made by Shuji Shuzo was named "Black" and the rice ball made by Echigo Denon gate was called "Yanagi". This liquor is a limited circulation in Niigata city, it is a rare sake that can only be tasted at a restaurant that approves the project and did rice planting and preparation together. I would definitely like to visit Niigata and taste it. Design design participated in the project meeting from naming development, and was in charge of art direction and design of package design, POP, business card, homepage, poster etc.

受賞:日本パッケージデザイン大賞審査員特別賞、新潟ADCグランプリ、Graphic Design in Japan入選