AWARDS : YUSAKU KAMEKURA AWARD Nominated Works, Graphic Design in Japan "This One!" Election, NIIGATA ADC Second Prize Winner
Niigata Prefecture Niigata City's Furumachi Kurodachi is one of the few places to leave old-fashioned emotional streets. Walking along the cobblestone road and entering a narrow alleys there is a sushi shop in Showa Denpa who founded his brothers and sisters. The second shop owner carried out the entire renewal of the store in commemoration of the fifty fifth anniversary of its founding. Along with that, design design was responsible for the creative work in general and the renewal of VI. Mr. Ryuji Honma who is a shopkeeper and a sushi craftsman tells that craftsmen are life training, but honest and sincere people. The design was impressed with that posture, and the symbol mark was developed as a design concept with "the top is still a steady dragon road" design concept. The sun rises to the top of the mountain and expresses the path of a steep dragon that continues there. In the top of the mountain and in the sun, the letters of "brother", the way of the rugged dragon is the motif of "brother". And unifying into the whole graphics, I want to produce an air feeling that combines both tension and comfort as good as the characteristics of the store, even in VI, making it a design that makes use of the margins. In development of the logotype, I did not dare use the official store name "brothers and sushi", I thought that I wanted to feel the importance of the history and place which has been continuing over two generations from the Showa 35, "Founding Showa era I suggested the name "Niigata Komachi brothers and sisters for 35 years". Also, I thought that it was necessary to create delicate detail in the logo type, hiding the kanji "mouth" in one letter one letter. Here is the wish that "I want you to eat by as many people as possible”.

受賞歴 : 亀倉雄策賞ノミネート作品, Graphic Design in Japan "This One!"選出, NIIGATA ADC準グランプリ受賞
新潟県新潟市の古町九番町は昔ながらの情緒ある町並みを残す数少ない場所。石畳の道を歩き、狭い路地を入ったところに兄弟寿しという創業昭和三十五年の寿し屋があります。二代目店主は創業五十五周年を記念して店舗の全面リニューアルを実施。それに伴いクリエイティブワーク全般、VIの刷新をデザインデザインが担当しました。店主で寿し職人の本間龍史氏は、職人は人生修行だと語る実直真摯な方。その姿勢にデザインデザインは感銘を受け、シンボルマークは「頂は未だだ 険しい龍の道」をデザインコンセプトにデザイン開発。山の頂に陽が昇り、そこへと続く険しい龍の道を表現しています。山の頂と陽のでは「兄」の文字、険しい龍の道は「弟」の文字をモチーフにしています。そして全体グラフィックに統一して、店の特徴であるほどよい緊張感と居心地の良さを両方を兼ね備えた空気感をVIでも演出したいと思い、余白を活かしたデザインにしています。ロゴタイプの開発では正式な店名「兄弟寿し」をあえて使用せずに、昭和三十五年から二代に渡って続いている歴史と場所の重要性を感じてもらいたいと考え、「創業昭和三十五年新潟古町兄弟寿し」という名前を提案しました。また、ロゴタイプでは繊細なディティールづくりが必要と考え、一文字一文字に「口」という漢字を隠しました。ここには、「一人でも多くの方に食していただきたい」という願いが込められています。